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Default WARA Gmgh & Ko.KG (FILM & TON) Happy Time Video, CD-Film Produktion

WARA Film und Ton GmbH & Co. KG, D 5000 Koln 1 West Germany.

German company that produced and published hardcore sex films on super 8mm and

video {VHS, Betamax, Video 2000} during the seventies and eighties. Owned by Klaus Schubert.

When he retired during the eighties the Wara company closed down.

The Wara footage was then sold to CD-Film based in Duisburg Germany.

They released the Wara films on their own 8mm CD-Film label and on video.

By example on `Happy Time Video` label (listed in the CD-Produktion CD-Film Index).

These mainly 30 minutes `Happy Time Video` cassettes with the Wara footage contain one

about 15 to 20 minute Wara loop plus trailers to fill the remains of the tape.

Wara filmed and published three main `flavors`.

One is the more regular German porn of which at least part was filmed by Hans Moser aka Sascha Alexander.

Then there is the interracial material, partially transsexual themed.

Most of this footage supposedly was filmed on location in Brazil by the Wara owner Klaus Schubert himself.


Size: 211 MB | Duiration:12+ min. | Res. 544x416 | Format: avi | Host: Filespace

DOWNLOAD: WARANO1.rar - 211.3 MB
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