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Old 01-11-2017, 07:52 AM
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Default Sex toys for men - masturbators!!

Hi dudes!

So, until these days we have products from various companies( if you google sex shop/sex toys, you will get a list of male masturbators on the market nowadays...)

But we really think that there are still features to be improved. We have listed some common issues regarding male masturbators:

1. Vagina may be from bad & cheap quality material that is not enjoyable, cocks usually lose their strengthen throughout the process - OR - Vagina can be from really good quality but loses its form when washed too after a number of times and it usually catches mold/gets mildew.

2. Vibration may be not strong, may not feel it or may add too much weight on the sex toy.

3. Many male sex toys are not that much adjustable to our cock's size...

4. If your sex toy involves some movement, which one do you like most, or which ones? :

a) horizontal

b) vertical

c) round

Well, you may call us mad but we have hired a designer and a 3d expert to help us produce a new sex toy, we have already thought of designs that tend to rectify a part of these issues, we are asking about your opinion and your complaints on the sex toys on market today...

We have named some issues regarding sex toys, but we need to know more!!
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