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Old 01-11-2017, 07:52 AM
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Default What will happen first?

Just a bullshit thread to ponder and spam.

What will happen first? Either I'll make another 4000ish posts, or my existing posts will get Thanked another 8000ish times. One of these statistics will be the first to hit 100K.

So, which will it be? Pick your pony, place your bets. All wagers are final.

Posts: 96,106 - My average is about 30 ppd (post per day) lately. At one time, many many moons ago, my ppd was 100+.

Thanked Posts: 92,160 - No idea what my daily average gain is here, but I average a paltry 3 Thanks per Thanked Post (versus someone like spider, who averages around 30). So... [img]images/smilies/new/more/dunno.gif[/img]
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