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Old 11-21-2016, 08:58 PM
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Default New hardware, new software & a general update on things

Hey guys,

I thought it's high time to give you some updates and infos on how things are going behind the curtain...

I'm aware of the recent wave of problems that struck our little, beloved place on the internet called phun forum!

Most of the issues are coming from sql-injects. These are "attacks" from people who got nothing better to do, than to cause a bad time for others. These attacks are not easily avoidable as the old software we're running offers a lot of loopholes for these people to go after. To some degrees these are worse than DDOS attacks, as you can't ban an IP or take other precautions.

One or two months ago we got a complete new set of servers to deal with the ongoing issues, but as I said earlier, most of the current issues (when there are 0 people online, or better said, just one - you) that's always an sql inject, causing the user timeout to go through the roof until the server crashes.

That's why we have decided to switch to a new forum software. We tried to upgrade vB in the past, but that was just a huge disaster and everything got way worse back than, so that's why we decided to go with XenForo - it's a software that is growing rapidly due to being a more lightweight software than vB and having excellent update-cycles.

As you can imagine it's going to be quite the process to transfer all those millions posts and hundred of thousands of users. We plan to begin the transfer on Dec 1st. That's when we initiate the transfer. Afterwards we will have to do a lot of testing and tweaking, but we hope to get a working version within two weeks. So I hope that we can end the year on a new software already.

I've personally used XenForo already on a smaller site and the use & feel is very similar to vB - so you don't need to be afraid of trying to figure out a new software - a lot of things are similar and the whole team is going to help everybody to get comfortable as quickly as possible.

I also want to use this post, to say "thank you" to all our loyal users. I know it's not always easy around here (performance-wise) and it means the world to me, knowing you guys still stick around.

Let's finish this year with a bang and hopefully we will have a buttery-smooth software in 2017! [img]images/smilies/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]
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